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We are the EV infrastructure experts

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We are the EV infrastructure experts

When you’re in search of an Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Consultant, HPF Consulting has you covered. You need a firm who not only has international experience on a national level in your market, but also one who understands how the market is evolving and how it integrates with municipal or developer-driven plans. You need a consultant who will provide creative, custom EV infrastructure regardless of supplier. One who can also help transition fleets from gas to power. HPF Consulting’s team of engineers, planners, and landscape architects are industry leaders in EV Charging Stations, and we can partner with you to streamline the process from conception to charging.

HPF Consulting

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Our services for you:

We are the EV infrastructure experts


Development of infrastructure concepts for charging batteries

Conception and implementation

Conception and implementation for expanding charging stations by public sector

Business planning

Business planning for private sector for providing and operating charging infrastructure

Commercialization of charging flexibility

Commercialization of charging flexibility and unused battery capacity, especially for EV fleets

Support for procurement, installation and operating

Support for procurement, installation and operating of public and private charging stations, AC or DC, up to High Power Charging (HPC)

Support for tendering procedures

Support for tendering procedures for further development (e.g. research projects) and installation of charging infrastructure (e.g. public funding projects)

Development and Evaluation

Development and Evaluation of e-mobility business models

Our Expert Team

Talk with our EV Infrastructure Consulting expertes

Frank Paßmann


Manuel Ernst

Associate Partner

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